>> Monday, November 14, 2011

my little hamstar,
everyone who knew me at all, knew how much i loved you. you were a one of a kind hamster. when most hamsters prefer to sleep in small closed off spaces, you loved to sleep out in the open just because it was closer to your food. you are the only hamster i have ever known that would scream when you were startled or bothered. you liked to throw your poop out of your cage for me to clean up everyday. you loved to eat seeds and would stash your favorite ones in the bundles of toilet paper i lay out for you. you were such a fat hamster. i spoiled you with random toys that you didn't like, all you ever wanted to do was rip up toilet paper, eat your seeds, and run around on my couch doing strange things. you liked to sleep upside down, and curled up with your furry little hamster paws up by your little nose. you let me poke you and bother you, take photos and videos of you, and let me hold you. when i would come home, the first thing i would always do was call out your name and you would come running out of wherever you were to the opening of the cage and wait for me to come poke you.

you got a little older, slowed down just a tad. but you still always came out to meet me when i called your name. i guess i should have seen it coming when you only stirred just a bit when i called for you the other day.

i don't get attached to very many things easily, but from the moment i brought you home, i knew you were meant to be my hamster. who knew that $12 dollars could buy a year and a half of beautiful memories. i know you were just a hamster, and i shouldn't be so heartbroken over something i only knew for a small fraction of my life, but you were my hammy and i loved you for all the things you were and all the things you weren't. i really hope that i gave you a good home. i'll remember you always, you crazy hamster. i hope they have lots of seeds and toilet paper up in hamster heaven.

RIP Hamstar aka Ham* aka Hammy

love always,
your giant seed provider.

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