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Posted June 12, 2009 at 5:17PM

a tear escaped as i said goodbye to the professors that i've seen every day while i've been here in sevilla.
it's surprising even to me how attached i've become to this city and these people. as i take in each sight, and absorb the image as the last one i will encounter first hand...a part of me sincerely aches. i've always been very sentimental, but sevilla has become a place very close to my heart. i've made a home here, and it's a nest that i've come to treasure. a second ago, i was curled up on my roommates bed and the girls surrounded me. tomorrow, we will pull away from the city where we became a family. tomorrow, this place will become a memory.

it's sinking in, deeper and deeper, that soon i will have to say goodbye to this place.

i want to remember these things forever.
-the image of the river as i cross the bridge on the way to school, the ripples illuminated through the sun's rays.
-walking into the blue and grey themed classroom, being greeted by the eager smile of my professor.
-opening the book, taking notes, answering janto's questions and immediately earning his approval. looking to my left, high fives and shakira. jeff's laughter shaking me from my exhaustion. saad's concentration lending me bursts of happiness.
-reaching over to my right, and rummaging through our packed lunches for something to munch on. and ignoring the pile of crumbs gathering in my lap
-the sound of the coke can being dispensed
-entering our room still enveloped in the heat of the day. being welcomed by the cool blast of our air conditioning left on in anticipation. the unmade beds, still holding the previous night of gossip and laughter.
-falling asleep next to one another, the sound of a knock on our door.
-the noise of the residence kitchen. the rapid words of the round and incredibly sweet manager. -the cobble stone streets. the comfort of the narrow neighborhoods. the intimacy of the windows up above shadowed in the dim lampost's light.
-the river at night. the wind blowing the heat from my face. thinking of home, thinking of the future, thinking of love, thinking of life, thinking...

me encanta sevilla.


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