>> Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From Eden to Eton by Pico Iyer.

a 'friend' recommended this article to me, and what a great recommendation it was.

the words engage you and draw you into his life in an almost disconnected way. as if you are observing someone reflecting on snapshots of his storybook past. he paints a magnificent portrait of his father, seemingly from a distance, as a flawless father and an even more impressive man. a portrait of a man idolized, but hardly familiar. you drift along from paragraph to paragraph with the narrarator, in a disconnect similar to that which he felt between his father's world and his own. until the very last paragraph, as if his realization comes just as he is writing every word. the disconnect evaporates and in one sudden sentence, you see the two worlds come together the way they had always truly been.
you can't run from who you are, from your past, from the foundation of your being. some things truly are innate and life is full of discovery. we are far from any sort of true understanding of who we are. as time continues, i've begun to see that as well. i am so much like my father.


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