>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

post 1 of my newly erased old blog.
i will start with a blast from the past.

tucked deep in a drawer filled with miscellaneous forgotten items, i found my old samsung phone.
the phone i carried for emergencies only and had approximately 3 numbers in. this phone dates back to 2005, it is old, but still modern enough to have a camera phone! and guess what i found in it?!
alongside the countless embarrassing self portraits of my fat high school self, was a picture of a picture. the only picture to make it out of my photography class alive. it was taken with my dad's manual slr, processed in our high school dark room, and displayed for about two weeks.
i can't say that it is very impressive now, nor was it even one of my favorites, but it is practically prehistoric.

here it is!


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