>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweeping waves of blue and explosions of green. Winding and grand, a towering structure transforms into a world of its own in the blink of an eye.
One blink and the sounds of the cars passing by mute, the backpacks and distractions thrown to the side vanish, and the rooms filled with televisions and toys cease to exist. One blink and the stairs in the structure suddenly lead up to the bow of a pirate ship where a new world is awaiting discovery. Beneath, the local princesses from neighboring castles gather for afternoon tea. To the left lies the giant monster who is hiding and waiting, seeking revenge on the boys who disturbed it in its slumber. To the right rides a cowboy on a horse who gallops off into an eternity of sunsets. And with just one word, the gravel and woodchips melt into lava and all the world combines into a momentous adventure in which all that matters is avoiding the burning heat that emanates from the ground. Stains left by the green of grass on the blue of jeans go unnoticed, scrapes and bruises become marks of a time too joyous to be cautious.
Splashes of bright yellow too close to the color of the sun to distinguish, a breeze carrying the sounds of laughter moves in waves tossling the hair of those envelopped in a world of childish abandon. Magical and mysterious, a playground is never more beautiful than from a view 4 feet from the ground.


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